Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My First Blog

So, my best friend Renee, who I am going to see in 15 days, but seriosuly who is counting.. joined this and begged me to join with her.. I really think she was on her hands in knees graveling at the very request. I do suppose she has the right idea with it, you can let everyone know what is going on in your crazy world without having to tell the same story 80 times. I am not really into the sounding like a robot.
But enought about that and more about me... I am 26, until another 16 days, then I will be 27. I have 3 boys. Kyle is 13, and is a handful, I really hope that it is just a stage like every says it is.. he is in the hating life, and everyone in life is mean... his grades are not the greatest, but I know he is trying, but he has had it rough these past few years. A lot of changes that include new brothers, that are now 3 and 1. Marcus is 3, and is a silly lil guy, always laughing, smiling, and even throws the occasional temper tantrum now and then. Connor is 1, and is walking and starting to talk, it is amazing that they start off as babies,and you see them develop and change so much each and everyday. I have been lucky I have been home with both the babies for the last 3 years, I really should not have been, because financially it is not the greatest decision for me, but in the end, it has been paying off.
So those are my boys, my little men... and my big guy Kyle. And a little about me. I will write more another day, but for now, Ineed to take care of some stuffy noses... YUCK!